We all need to be BETTER CONNECTED and Marine Blast Multimedia has some excellent and simple solutions that will help you tap straight into your target audience: 

  • Promote your MARINE BUSINESS or your EVENT using the Marine Blast Multimedia Apps downloadable on the iPhone & Android platforms.

  • Make sure you get your FREE LISTING in our Marine Directory App today.

  • Don't miss the boat! Let us design an App for your business or event.

As well as having a FREE listing and downloading our comprehensive new Marine Directory App to your iPhone or Smartphone, why not consider having your own App? We will create an App for your Event, Brokerage, Marina Complex, Business, Event or Brand, simply, quickly and at a very competitive price.

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Marine Blast Multimedia Apps allow you to display:

  • NEWS

The software also includes 'Tell a friend', 'About us', 'Contact information' and 'Google Maps' for the all-important location information.

Our Apps integrate Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Quicktime.

Just think how useful it will be to message your database with up-to-the-minute news, special promotions or event reminders via text notifications.